Michigan Street Bridge Celebration Walk for 90 Year Anniversary

Sunday was the 90th anniversary for Sturgeon Bay’s Michigan Street steel bridge, and the Sturgeon Bay Historical Society held a new special event to commemorate this special day for the city’s iconic structure. At 10:00 am, they organized a celebration walk across the bridge from the west side to the east. Historical Society Board Member Anni Lampert says she was very happy with the turnout for this first time celebration…..

Lampert says this will become an annual event, so this year and the next nine years will all be dress rehearsals for the year 2031 when the bridgewalk will celebrate the 100th year of the bridge’s dedication. There were even cupcakes available for the celebratory bridge walkers, and the well-attended debut bridge walk event was deemed a success. Lampert details another nice aspect of this new annual event…..

Event organizers hope this annual bridgewalk grows in the next decade as the bridge’s 100th anniversary will be a most celebrated event for the historic icon.

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