House Fire Near Bullhead Point Wednesday

There was a fire call near Sturgeon Bay Wednesday night. Just before 9PM, the renters of a waterfront home near Bullhead Point had just returned from dining out to find their home full of smoke and called 911. While searching for their dog they then noticed flames and called 911 again to report the flames and they went outside. Sturgeon Bay Fire Chief Tim Dietman reports his department sent 8 vehicles and 21 firefighters to the scene. They secured the utilities while battling the fire in the kitchen area and then resumed the search for the dog…

They used approximately 800 gallons of water to extinguish the fire. The majority of the fire damage was in the kitchen area, but Fire Chief Dietman says there was also heat and smoke damage throughout the house, and the renters had to find alternative lodging for the night. They are quite sure of the origin of the fire, but the cause has not yet been determined…

The entire response took almost two and a half hours as the last of the trucks left the scene by 11:20PM. There were no reported injuries with any members of the response team, but the home renters’ dog unfortunately did not survive the incident.

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