Firefighters Extinguish Fire at Apartment Complex in Sturgeon Bay

The quick response of a neighbor, law enforcement officers and Sturgeon Bay firefighters kept a fire at an apartment complex at 910 South Elgin Street in Sturgeon Bay from getting out of hand early Sunday morning. At about 5:13AM, a neighbor contacted authorities indicating that he could see flames near the deck, back of the patio of one of the apartments. The officers who arrived on scene used a fire extinguisher to knock down the flames and Sturgeon Bay firefighters followed that up with about 50 gallons of water. All of the apartments were evacuated. The fire was in a small area of the wall, under the siding and the damage was contained to that area, both outside and inside. The investigation is continuing into the cause of the fire and no damage estimate is available. A total of eight fire units and 19 firefighters were sent to the apartment building. Before they cleared the scene at 6:38AM, residents were allowed to return to seven of the eight units in the facility.

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