Dr. Jim Heise Speaks During Virtual News Conference on Covid

Numerous local medical providers and public health departments of northeast Wisconsin partnered to present a virtual news conference Wednesday to help reduce confusion regarding the current situation with COVID-19. With the Delta variant rapidly spreading, hospitalizations increasing, and booster shots at hand, this news conference provided reliable information about several pandemic-related topics. Door County Medical Center Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jim Heise spoke about the risks associated with choosing not to get vaccinated……

Dr. Heise mentions how, yes, it is possible to get sick even if you are vaccinated, but he provided data for perspective to better understand that probability…..

He then spoke of the other tool we have to defeat this virus, the wearing of facemasks. He also brought his own perspective to the conversation regarding misinformation concerning masks…..

Dr. Heise also mentioned that for children under the age of 12 who currently cannot get vaccinated, the wearing of face masks is their first line of defense.

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