DC Board Chairman Had COVID-19

Door County Board Supervisor and Chairman David Lienau announced that last Friday he learned that he actually had the COVID-19 virus last March. Lienau, who is also the Sister Bay Village President, was on vacation in Aspen last February, during which time he most likely picked up the virus. However, he did not start showing even very mild symptoms until mid-to-late March with his final symptom occurring around March 31st. In April, Lienau was told by his V.A. doctor that he most likely had COVID-19 back in March, but the danger of it spreading had already passed. After a recommended waiting period, he then took an anti-body test last week and Friday it was confirmed that his March illness was COVID-19. Door County Public Health determined that since his illness was already 30 days old, and with no outbreaks in his area, contact tracing was not necessary. Lienau also commented that his particular case is not included with Door County’s official COVID-19 cases because those numbers only include cases tested in Door County on individuals who are actively sick.

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