Boat Fire in Sturgeon Bay Sunday Morning

An emergency call was made for a boat fire in Sturgeon Bay Sunday morning. At about 11:30AM, the call came in detailing an engine fire on an inboard engine of an 18-foot boot in the chanel downtown between Sonny’s and Stone Harbor Resort. Sturgeon Bay Fire Chief Kalin Montevideo explains how an Ephraim firefighter happened to be passing by in a different boat and he took the occupant aboard after the fire was already extinguished…

Fire Chief Montevideo reports the fire was already extinguished when her department arrived. There were 4 firefighters on the scene with 1 truck. Two firefighters joined the Sturgeon Bay Police on the joint department marine unit which towed the affected boat to shore. There were no injuries, and the responders were able to clear the scene in approximately 30 minutes. The cause of the fire remains undetermined.

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