Age of Vessel Was a Factor in Ship Fire in Sturgeon Bay

It appears that investigators have a good idea what caused a fire in the 519-foot cargo vessel, “Alpena” at Bay Shipbuilding in Sturgeon Bay last Friday. The ship sustained significant damage below deck near the aft portion. Sturgeon Bay Fire Chief Tim Herlache says it will be awhile before a definitive answer is available, but the initial indicators point to one factor, the age of the vessel…

Chief Herlache says the fate of the “Alpena” is now up to its ownership…

Chief Tim Herlache, who will soon retire after close to 40 years with the Sturgeon Bay Fire Department, says he is thankful that no one was killed or seriously injured in the boat fire. He’s also grateful that a coordinated effort involving multiple fire departments was able to deal with a difficult fire fighting operation in a quick and efficient manner.

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