2 Students Test Positive for COVID-19 at Sevastopol School

It was reported Monday that one 1st grade class at Sevastopol School will now return to virtual learning after a student tested positive for COVID-19. This is one of the two different 1st grade classes at Sevastopol. That one class will now be attending school remotely until September 24th. Door County Public hHealth will be contacting people who may have been in close contact with the student who is now quarantined. Superintendent Kyle Luedtke commented on how specific areas of the school building connected to the situation have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Then it was announced Tuesday that one high school student at Sevastopol has tested positive as well. This student last attended school in-person on Friday the 11th, but since then has stayed at home awaiting the test results, for which the school is thankful. They have sent home one staff member and approximately 10 students who were within close proximity of the positive student. The students will now be studying remotely until September 28th, while the one teacher will continue teaching the class remotely with the assistance of a substitute teacher who will assist physically in the classroom.

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