2 Accidents in NorDoor Saturday Morning

With the onset of snow which began falling Saturday morning, the slick roadways caught many offguard. Over the weekend there were 8 calls for vehicles gone into the ditch and 12 accidents with reported property damage. There were also 2 accidents in northern Door County which involved injuries Saturday morning. First, at 7:15 am, a 56 year-old Illinois man was northbound going down the hill into Fish Creek in his Honda Odyssey when he braked and started to skid and entered the southbound lane. At that time an 84 year-old Ellison Bay man was going up the hill in his Nissan pickup and the 2 vehicles collided. Both drivers sustained no apparent injury, but an 84 year-old female passenger in the Ellison Bay man’s pickup sustained possible injury with chest pain due to the seatbelt. She did not receive medical transport. The highway was closed off until the vehicles could be removed as they both required towing, and no citations were given. Then, shortly after 8:00 am, a 26 year-old Sturgeon Bay man was southbound on Highway 57 near Baileys Harbor in his Subaru Tribeca when he hit some black ice going into a curve. A short distance north of S. Kangaroo Lake Road, he began to slide and eventually struck a utility pole on the south end of that intersection. He suffered no apparent injury, but his 23 year-old female passenger had suspected minor injury but refused medical attention. The Subaru required towing due to the damage and no citations were given.

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