Wahlers and Lamack Lead Their Teams to Conference Titles

Jacob Wahlers of Algoma and Hannah Lamack of Kewaunee were the individual winners of the Packerland Conference Cross Country Meet in Fish Creek on Thursday.  The Wolves won the boys team title and the Storm were the girls team champions.  The top seven finishers are also first team all-conference.

1.  Jacob Wahlers- Algoma
2.  Caleb House- Gibraltar
3.  Evan Henry- Gibraltar
4.  Lucas Stenzel- Sevastopol
5.  Michael Bertrand- Southern Door
6.  Derek Huber- Southern Door
7.  Isaac Ballone- Algoma

Teams Results:  Algoma 63, Southern Door 71, Gibraltar 76, Sevastopol 90

1.  Hannah Lamack- Kewaunee
2.  Gracie Englebert- Southern Door
3.  Maggie Grota- Southern Door
4.  Liberty Ansorge- Algoma
5.  Allison Alberts- Sturgeon Bay
6.  Brianne Barta- Kewaunee
7.  Lexi Rentmeester- Kewaunee

Team Results:  Kewaunee 40, Southern Door 56, Algoma 71, Sturgeon Bay 107

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