Stonerollers Win Championship

The Stonerollers won a pair of games to win the playoff championship at historic West Side Field in Sturgeon Bay on Wednesday.

Marchant’s Meats 21
Kitty’s 12
Home Runs- Jake Moeller (2) Adam Gutschow (2) Cooper Nellis (2) Austen Dart, Kordell Draves, Brian LaRoche, Hunter Gunnlaugsson

Stonerollers 13
Birmingham’s 12
Home Runs- Brandon Hartwig (3) Todd Maas (2) Quinn Lutze (2) Tanner DeGrave, Brady Wodack, Ryan Lauscher, Brian Jackson, Luke Petrie, Rob Wittenberg, Cody LaLuzerne

Championship Game
Stonerollers 23
Marchant’s Meats 9
Home Runs- Todd Maas (2) Marc Moore (2) Ryan Lauscher (2) Jake Moeller (2) Trent Maas, Brian Jackson, Austen Dart

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