Strivers Results

The Door County Strivers Gymnastic Team competed in the Snowflake Invitational hosted by the Sheboygan YMCA last weekend. MaKiala McCambridge, Jozlynn Burlo and Abby DeClark brought home individual first place finishes while the Silver and Gold Teams each took third place.

Gymnasts are awarded based on Level and their age within that level.

Level 1
Estelle Duerst- Vault (3rd) Beam (4th) Bars (5th) All Around (3rd)
Shalynn Asher- Floor (3rd) Bars (5th), All Around (5th)

Level 4
Sophia Sternard- Beam (2nd) Bars (3rd) All Around (3rd)

Level 6
Daylia Sund- Beam (2nd) Floor (4th) All Around (4th)

Level 7
MaKiala McCambridge- Vault (1st) Floor (1st) Beam (4th) All Around (3rd)

Excel Silver
Jozlynn Burlo- Floor (3rd) Beam (4th) All Around (1st)
Madison Voight- Vault (4th) Floor (5th)
Shylee Asher- Vault (4th) Floor (5th)
Alexa Jimenez-Seyfer- Vault (3rd)

Excel Gold
Abby DeClark- Beam (1st) Vault (5th) All Around (3rd)
Amira Anschutz- Beam (2nd) Floor (2nd) All Around (5th)
Anna Gallardo-Ibarra- Bars (3rd) Floor (4th) All Around (5th)
Taylor Newton- Bars (4th)
Lauren Pratt- Beam (5th)

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