Pawelski 1st, Bertand & Jandrin 2nd at Sheboygan North; Mirkes Goes (4-0) at De Pere

The Southern Door wrestling team was at the Herb Tyler Invite at Sheboygan North on Saturday while Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol was at the Redbird Duals at De Pere.
Southern Door results with comments by coach Jerry Englebert.
132 – River Pawelski (34-4) placed 1st
1st Place Match – River Pawelski (Southern Door) 34-4 won by decision over Caleb Schnell (Moline) 26-5 (Dec 4-2)
-River looked strong again. In the finals, River scored on a nice throw to get the lead and never looked back. Technically very strong and looking good as we approach the end of the season.160 – Michael Bertrand (27-5) placed 2nd
1st Place Match – Sean Mattek (Sheboygan Falls) 25-3 won by decision over Michael Bertrand (Southern Door) 27-5 (Dec 6-4)
-Possibly the best wrestling I’ve seen out of Michael this year. Great composure and presence in every match getting to the finals.  In the finals he came up against last years state runner up D2-152 (ranked #3 160 D2). One small slip allowing a reversal at the end of the fisrt period proved to be the difference.  Michael wrestled with great strategy right to the very end of the match but hats off to Mattek for withstanding a flurry of efforts by Michael and defending the takedown at the end.195 – Tory Jandrin (32-7) placed 2nd
1st Place Match – Dustin Setzer (Sheboygan Falls) 25-7 won by decision over Tory Jandrin (Southern Door) 32-7 (Dec 4-3)
-Tory wrestled well in another tough bracket against some familiar opponents.  Also, congratulation to Tory for earning his 100th career win.
River and Michael also both hit 100 wins earlier this season.
120 – Logan Walker (18-6) placed 8th
-Logan gave it a shot despite battling the flu. After losing in the quarterfinals he looked rough but came back to win one more match before having to default the rest of the day. Great effort just to compete.
145 – Triston Scoville (20-14)
Cons. Round 2 – Grayson Vandenbush (Random Lake) 15-12 won by decision over Triston Scoville (Southern Door) 20-14 (Dec 5-1)
-Another tough day for Triston. Despite tweaking the shoulder again midway through the first period of his first match. In his last match he just didn’t have any strenght left in his arm and couldn’t mount any offensive attack.
Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol Results from the Redbird Duals
Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol defeated West De Pere 46-19
120 – Ezra Haight (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) over Tyler Mudd Dec 7-4
126 – Lucas Stenzel (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) over Drew Willems  Dec 1-0
132 – Jeremy Jorns (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) won by forfeit
138 – Liam Ostrand-Kolstad (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) won by forfeit
145 – Evan Frisque (West De Pere) over Matt Wiegand Dec 5-0
152 – Michael Milquet (West De Pere) over Nathan Hendirckson Maj 13-0
160 – Collin Mirkes (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) over Ryan Bain Fall 3:55
170 – Levi Olson (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) over Jake Oyster Fall 0:55
182 – Owen Fernandez (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) won by forfeit
195 – Akuma Lor (West De Pere) over Luke Brinkman Dec 10-4
220 – Logan Narance (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) over Jake Benoit Maj 15-6
285 – Michael Kiernan (West De Pere) over Nic Brinkman Fall 2:34
106 – Nathan Stenzel (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) over Zach Soletski Fall 1:55
113 – Garrett Oyster (West De Pere) over Peyton Hurth Dec 6-4
Green Bay United defeated Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol 53-15
126 – Tommy Degeneffe GBU over Lucas Stenzel (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) Maj 11-2
132 – Fray Castro GBU over Jeremy Jorns (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) Dec 8-6
138 – Alec Basten GBU  over Liam Ostrand-Kolstad (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) Dec 10-5
145 – Matt Wiegand (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) over Mason Frausto Dec 11-6
152 – Robert Guesnon GBU  over Nathan Hendirckson (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) Fall 3:32
160 – Collin Mirkes (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) over Trevor Giese Fall 4:34
170 – Jared Walton GBU over Levi Olson (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) Fall 3:17
182 – Dayln Rudesill GBU  over Owen Fernandez (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) Fall 1:25
195 – Jordan Machuca GBU over Luke Brinkman (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) Fall 3:00
220 – Coleman Curran GBU over Logan Narance (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) Fall 0:27
285 – Isaac Klarkowski GBU  over Nic Brinkman (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) Fall 5:00
106 – Nathan Stenzel (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) over Maya Fisher Fall 0:55
113 – Zak Nelson GBU over Peyton Hurth (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) Maj 12-3
120 – Austin Vandenplas GBU over Ezra Haight (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) Dec 8-4Stevens Point defeated Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol 39-33
132 – Jeremy Jorns (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) over Jacob Feltz Fall 1:34
138 – Liam Ostrand-Kolstad (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) over Dylan Trigg Dec 3-1
145 – Matt Wiegand (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) over Alex Trelka Fall 1:40
152 – Nathan Hendirckson (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) over David Lummis Dec 4-0
160 – Collin Mirkes (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) over Gabe Rodriguez Fall 1:31
170 – Fritz Schierl (Stevens Point) over Owen Fernandez Fall 0:41
182 – Joey Roth (Stevens Point) over Levi Olson Fall 1:57
195 – Nick Wachowiak (Stevens Point) over Luke Brinkman Fall 1:15
220 – Nate Engle (Stevens Point) over Logan Narance Fall 0:45
285 – Nic Brinkman (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) over Brandon Patoka Dec 6-4
106 – Brady Koontz (Stevens Point) over Nathan Stenzel Fall 2:50
113 – Dylan Koontz (Stevens Point) over Peyton Hurth  Fall 3:37
120 – Ezra Haight (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) won by forfeit
126 – Chance Bailey (Stevens Point) over Lucas Stenzel Maj 8-0Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol defeated Appleton East 65-15
106 – Nathan Stenzel (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) won by forfeit
113 – Peyton Hurth (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) over Lexi Schroeder Fall 1:53
120 – Ezra Haight (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) over James Kinney Fall 1:45
126 – Lucas Stenzel (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) won by forfeit
132 – Zach Scharenbrock (Appleton East) over Jeremy Jorns Dec 8-3
138 – Liam Ostrand-Kolstad (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) over Caleb Nash TF 20-5
145 – Matt Wiegand (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) over Trentyn Waring Fall 3:40
152 – Nathan Hendirckson (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) won by forfeit
160 – Collin Mirkes (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) over Nathan Gantenbein Fall 1:22
170 – Owen Fernandez (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) won by forfeit
182 – Bryce Brown (Appleton East) over Levi Olson Fall 2:48
195 – Luke Brinkman (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) won by forfeit
220 – Adrian Vera (Appleton East) over Logan Narance Fall 5:58
285 – Nic Brinkman (Sturgeon Bay/Sevastopol) won by forfeit

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