Packerland Conference Adjusts Schedules

Due to spring weather conditions, the Packerland Conference Principals have determined that the conference championships for softball, baseball and soccer will be determined by the records gained through the second half of the season.  Conference Athletic Commissioner Terry Dooley explains….[audio:|titles=Terry Dooley- Equity in competing for championship]All contests that have been held during the first half of the season will be treated as non-conference games.  These games will still be important for WIAA seeding purposes.  This determination considers the safety of student-athletes.  Placing a large number of events into a short period of time reduces recovery time and puts young athletes at risk.  In cases dealing with baseball and softball, Dooley says that the coaches and athletic directors will be able to schedule doubleheaders…[audio:|titles=Terry Dooley- can play games, they just won’t count]The first game of a doubleheader will be played in its entirety as the conference game.  The parameters of the second game will be defined by the coaches and will be recognized as non-conference.  This modification reduces the pressure to complete every game while affording the Packerland baseball, softball and soccer athletes with equity to compete for a conference championship.

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