Mid-Season DCL Leaders

Kolberg leads the Door County Baseball League followed by West Jacksonport and Sister Bay as teams prepare to start the second half of their schedule. The following is a list of the top performers in the league…

Top Hitters as of June 23
Trevor Hawkey, Kolberg .440 11X25
Spencer Krause, Sister Bay .435 10X23
Nick Posh, Egg Harbor .409 9X22
Corey Fuller, Egg Harbor .400 14X35
Caleb Cornell, Washington Island .394 13X33
Austen Dart, Kolberg .385 10X26
Kyle Routhieaux, Kolberg .381 8X21
Woody Schartner, West Jacksonport .379 11X29
Tom Sawyer, Sister Bay .370 10X27
Tory Jandrin, Maplewood .368 7X19
Kordell Draves, Maplewood .367 11X30
Johnny Jorns, Institute .364 8X22
Nick Kita, Egg Harbor .333 9X27
Kody Kissinger, Maplewood .333 8X24
Sawyer Johnson, Sister Bay .333 8X24
Sam Forkert, Sister Bay .321 9X28
Nick LeCaptain, Kolberg .320 8X25
Jake Schneider, Kolberg .320 8X25
Griffin Cole, Sister Bay .313 10X32
Eric DeJardine, Egg Harbor .308 8X26

Home Runs
Kordell Draves (2) Tom Sawyer, Adam Gutschow, Trevor Hawkey, Kyle Routheiaux,
Trevor Reinhardt, Cody Geisseman, Nick Kita, Troy Jorgenson, Luke Geiger, Joe Burlo (1)

Nick Kita, Kordell Draves, Griffin Cole (10)
Joe Sawyer, Trevor Hawkey, Nick LeCaptain (9)

Ben Geiger, Alex Laughlin, Tom Sawyer (12) Kody Kissinger (11)
Troy Jorgenson, Austen Dart, Trevor Hawkey (10)

Top Pitchers as of June 23
Trevor Reinhardt, Kolberg 37 IP 4 runs 51K 9BB
Luke Steebs, West Jacksonport 34 IP 8 runs 34K 7BB
Sam Forkert, Sister Bay 41 IP 15 runs 35K 19BB
Tyler Seibert, Egg Harbor 33 IP 18 runs 12K 7BB
Drew Price, Maplewood 35 IP 26 runs 24K 22BB
Jonathon Buchta, Washington Island 28 IP 19 runs 21K 22BB
Drew Tanck, West Jacksonport 23 IP 14 runs 17K 15BB
Alex Johnson, Washington Island 22 IP 10 runs 8K 6BB
Kyle Ploor, Institute 25 IP 28 runs 17K 7BB
Jon Kordon, Baileys Harbor 13 IP 9 runs 11K 2BB

Kolberg (6-1)
West Jacksonport (5-2)
Sister Bay (5-2)
Washington Island (4-3)
Maplewood (4-3)
Egg Harbor (2-5)
Institute (2-5)
Baileys Harbor (0-7)

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