Lucas Wins MLF Championship in Sturgeon Bay

Justin Lucas of Guntersville, Alabama won the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour Championship event is Sturgeon Bay with a record 110 pounds, five ounces on 38 fish. For Lucas, it was his first win in four years….

Justin Lucas

Tournament officials allowed fishermen to trailer to where they were fishing, but Lucas made the decision to stay close to Sturgeon Bay….

Justin Lucas

He said that he caught most of his fish in 14-20 feet of water. The characteristics of the area he fished had what in common….

Justin Lucas

The angler with the most points at the end of the 2020 season earns the title of Bass Pro Tour Points Champion, and that went to Jordan Lee of Cullman, Alabama…..

Jordan Lee

Lee has wrapped up the award before his 4th place finish in the championship round and said he had a great time fishing in Door County….

Jordan Lee

Highlights from the Stage 5 event in Sturgeon Bay will premiere as two, two hour episodes on Discovery Channel October 3rd and 4th.

Championship Round
1. Justin Lucas (Alabama) 38 fish/110-05
2. Mark Daniels Jr. (Alabama) 34 fish/102-07
3. Josh Bertrand (Arizona) 29 fish/86-14
4. Jordan Lee (Alabama) 27 fish/79-07
5. Alton Jones (Texas) 26 fish/78-05
6. Andy Morgan (Tennessee) 19 fish/63-10
7. Mike Iaconelli (New Jersey) 23 fish/63-02
8. Cliff Pace (Mississippi) 15 fish/54-05 *Berkley Big Bass 5-03
9. Bradley Roy (Kentucky) 11 fish/30-07
10. Ish Monroe (California) 10 fish/28-04

*photos submitted by Major League Fishing

Jordan Lee
Justin Lucas

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