Little League Results

Lawn and Landscape Specialists, Door County Co-op and Nicolet Bank won their games at Sunset Park on Wednesday.

Lawn and Landscape 8
Kiwanis 7
WP- Zach Krueger/Mason Paye/Austin Starr/Drew Daoust (11K)
*Drew Daoust- Home Run/2 doubles, Zach Krueger- Home Run/double, Isaac Totoro- double/single, Grant Webber- double, Owen Dannhausen/Logan Simon- single

DC Co-op 19
Lions 5
WP- Caden Pierre/Chase Haberli/Logan Schuh/Eli Bell
*Logan Schuh- Home Run/single (3 RBI) Caden Pierre- 3 hits (2 RBI) Sladen Asher- 2 hits (4 RBI) Chase Haberli- double/single (2 RBI) Eli Bell- double/single (2 RBI) Blake Neuville/Ben Ash/Michael Wautlet- RBI single, Luke Reinhardt- double/single, Aaron Brey- RBI
*Frankie DeYoung- Home Run, Braden Evers- Home Run/double (2 RBI) Jerik Valley- 2 hits, Owen Starr/Mason Motquin/Reid Kacmarynski- single

Nicolet Bank 9
Red Room 4
*Brady Kita- Home Run/single (2 RBI) Tyler Grooters- single, Ben Marsh- RBI

Girls Little League
Econo Foods 12
Jim Olson Motors 8
WP- Addison Schauske
*Addison Schauske- 2 hits/3 RBI

Peil Construction 9
Jim Olson Motors 5
WP- Pam Prescott
*Quinney Chomeau- 3 hits (6 RBI) Pam Prescott- 2 hits

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