Kitchens Votes No As Bucks Arena Passes Assembly

A quarter-billion-dollar funding package for a new downtown arena for the Milwaukee Bucks is being sent to Governor Scott Walker, after the Assembly approved it 52-to-34 this afternoon.
WDOR Sports talked with 1st District Representative¬†Joel Kitchens from Sturgeon Bay, and he explains why he voted no on Tuesday….

Governor Walker promises to sign the package, which includes tax incremental financing, bonding, Milwaukee travel-related tax extensions, and more. Fans will help pay the freight with a second ticket surcharge of two-dollars, added by the Senate when it passed the same package July 15th. The arena will cost a half-billion dollars. Past and present Bucks’ owners will cover half — and the team will pick up cost overruns. ¬†Kitchens talked about the economic impact the Bucks have on the State of Wisconsin….

The N-B-A wants the new arena in place by mid-2017, or else the league could buy back the team and move it.

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