Kitchens Votes No As Bucks Arena Passes Assembly

A quarter-billion-dollar funding package for a new downtown arena for the Milwaukee Bucks is being sent to Governor Scott Walker, after the Assembly approved it 52-to-34 this afternoon.
WDOR Sports talked with 1st District Representative Joel Kitchens from Sturgeon Bay, and he explains why he voted no on Tuesday….

Governor Walker promises to sign the package, which includes tax incremental financing, bonding, Milwaukee travel-related tax extensions, and more. Fans will help pay the freight with a second ticket surcharge of two-dollars, added by the Senate when it passed the same package July 15th. The arena will cost a half-billion dollars. Past and present Bucks’ owners will cover half — and the team will pick up cost overruns.  Kitchens talked about the economic impact the Bucks have on the State of Wisconsin….

The N-B-A wants the new arena in place by mid-2017, or else the league could buy back the team and move it.

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