Eliyha, Pratt win Nationals for Strivers

YMCA Striver Gymnast, 15 year old Miya Eliyha continued her undefeated reign for the 2018 gymnastic season. Eliyha captured Gold in the Level 7 All Around at the State Meet in March 2018. She continued her reign into the

Lauren Pratt, National Champion

2018 YMCA Gymnastics National Meet held this past week in Toledo, Ohio at the SeaGate Center.  Miya secured the Gold Medal in the Level 7 All Around  Senior competition making her undefeated in the All Around for 12 consecutive gymnastic meets. Miya also secured individual Gold on the balance beam. She won silver on the floor and bronze on the vault.

Miya Eliyha,All-Around National Champion

Level 2 gymnast, nine year old, Lauren Pratt, won her first Gold medal at YMCA Nationals on the uneven bars Scoring a 9.5 out of a perfect 10.0. This is Pratt’s first year competing on the Striver Gymnastic Team. Pratt had an incredible first year of competition. Lauren also captured bronze on the balance beam, a 6th in the All Around and 9th on floor. Lauren competed in the level 2 child division.

Level 2 gymnast, nine year old Sophia Sternard, gained silver in the All Around and on floor. She was also 5th on beam, 7th on bars and 8th on vault. Team mate Bristol Will, nine years old placed 7th on bars. She competed in the child division.

XCel Silver gymnast, 14 year old Desirae Guilette, won silver on beam, was 5th on floor, 7th in the All Around and 8th on vault. Desirae was in the Senior division.

Level 4 gymnast, ten year old Tiani LeMeiux, placed 9th on beam.

Level 6 gymnast,10 year old Chloe Maccaux,  grabbed a 5th on floor in the child division while 15 year old Laci Lautenbach earned 6th on floor in the Senior division. Maddie Barker, 16 year old Senior division, won 5th place on the beam.

Great performances were also turned in by 10 year old Daylia Sund in Level 4 and 13 year old Level 6 gymnasts Mallory and Izzy Barker.

Coaches for the Striver Team are Nikki Pollman, Gerritt DeJonge, Amy Gamble, Heather Haese, Libby Pieczynski and Mikki Rankin. 

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