Division 2 Regional Results

Cate Anderson of Sturgeon Bay, Hailey Shimon of Southern Door and John Larson of Luxemburg-Casco won two events at the WIAA Division 2 regional at Little Chute on Monday. The top four finishers in each event qualify for the Fox Valley Lutheran Sectional on Thursday.

Girls Results
100- Alexandria Wech, Lux-Casco (2nd) Lizzy O’ Dill, Kewaunee (3rd)
200- Gabrielle Wech, Lux-Casco (3rd)
400- Natalie Pansier, Kewaunee (2nd) Micaela Boucher, Lux-Casco (4th)
1600- Madi Bevins, Lux.-Casco (4th)
100 Hurdles- Cate Anderson, Sturgeon Bay (1st) Alexa Nelson, Sturgeon Bay (2nd) Lauren Alger, Sturgeon Bay (3rd) Alexis Vogt, Lux-Casco (4th)
300 Hurdles- Cate Anderson, Sturgeon Bay (1st) Kaaryn Smidel, Kewaunee (2nd) Lauren Alger, Sturgeon Bay (3rd)
High Jump- Hannah Derenne, Lux-Casco (2nd) Jade Tomberlin, Sturgeon Bay (4th)
Long Jump- Hannah Sternard, Sturgeon Bay (3rd)
Triple Jump- Hannah Sternard, Sturgeon Bay (2nd)
Pole Vault- Andrea Wilke, Sturgeon Bay (3rd) Teddi Froelich, Lux-Casco (4th)
Discus- Hailey Shimon, Southern Door (1st) Taylor Thiry, Lux-Casco (2nd) Lisa Reinke, Kewaunee (3rd)
Shot Put- Hailey Shimon, Southern Door (1st) Taylor Thiry, Lux-Casco (2nd) Lisa Reinke, Kewaunee (3rd)
400 Relay- Lux-Casco 4th (G. Wech, Emily Ropson, Madelyn Smith, Danica Mrotek)
800 Relay- Lux-Casco 1st (Grace Holschuh, G. Wech, A. Wech, Madelyn Smith)
800 Relay- Kewaunee 2nd (Lizzy Kudick, Brookelin Chevalier, Smidel, O’Dill)
1600 Relay- Lux-Casco 1st (Boucher, Derenne, Holschuh, Eva Hau)
1600 Relay- Kewaunee 2nd (Pansier, Ashlyn Pribek, Elena Lewis, Smidel)
1600 Relay- Sturgeon Bay 4th (Alger, Tomberlin, Mallory Barker, Anderson)
3200 Relay- Lux-Casco 2nd (Bevins, Boucher, Elizabeth Rank, Grace Seering)
3200 Relay- Kewaunee 3rd (Pribek, Mercedes Kroll, Regina Augustian, Lewis)

Boys Results
100- Alex Montana, Southern Door (4th)
200- Bryce Ronsman, Lux-Casco (3rd)
400- Bryce Ronsman, Lux-Casco (2nd) Christopher Cullen, Kewaunee (3rd)
800- Spencer Thiry (3rd) Anthony Jerabek, Kewaunee (4th)
1600- Cameron Cullen, Kewaunee (2nd) Spencer Thiry, Lux-Casco (3rd)
3200- Cameron Cullen, Kewaunee (2nd)
110 Hurdles- John Larson, Lux-Casco (1st) Kaden Borkovetz, Southern Door (4th)
300 Hurdles- John Larson, Lux-Casco (1st)
High Jump- Jordan Lamack, Kewaunee (2nd) Eli Mancheski, Southern Door (3rd) Espen Walker, Sturgeon Bay (3rd)
Pole Vault- Gordon Hodges, Sturgeon Bay (1st) Cole Pawlitzky, Kewaunee (3rd) Kyle Conard, Southern Door (4th)
400 Relay- Southern Door 3rd (Montana, Borkovetz, Nick Baudhuin, Conard)
400 Relay- Kewaunee 4th (Jose Diaz, Steven Ledvina, Collin Hlinak, Maddix Mueller)
800 Relay- Kewaunee 3rd (Diaz, Ledvina, Hlinak, Mueller)
800 Relay- Southern Door 4th (Cody Nellis, Mancheski, Baudhuin, Marcus Marchant)
1600 Relay- Kewaunee 3rd (Diaz, Ch. Cullen, Jerabek, Dalton Sisel)
1600 Relay- Lux-Casco 4th (Lance Cherovsky, George Herlache, Ronsman, Ty Tenor)
3200 Relay Kewaunee 3rd (Ch. Cullen, Jerabek, Jacob Schleis, Lamack)
3200 Relay- Lux-Casco 4th (Cherovsky, Gabe Havel, Ty Tenor, Nathan Tenor)

Girls Team Scores
1. Little Chute 131
2. Lux-Casco 129.5
4. Sturgeon Bay 88
5. Kewaunee
7. Southern Door

Boys Team Scores
1. Little Chute 180
2. Two Rivers 148
3. Kewaunee 78
4. Lux-Casco
6. Southern Door
8. Sturgeon Bay

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