DCL Leaders

Door County League hitting and pitching leaders based on stats provided by team managers as of July 3rd.

Tom Sawyer, Sister Bay .457 (16X35)
Stewart Larsen, Sister Bay .433 (13X30)
Eric DeJardine, Egg Harbor .407 (11X27)
Nick Brauer, Maplewood .407 (11X27)
Troy Jorgenson, Washington Island .400 (10X25)
Cody Giesseman, Egg Harbor .391 (9X23)
Austen Dart, Kolberg .367 (11X30)
Derek Ray, Kolberg .357 (10X28)
Nick LeCaptain, Kolberg .353 (12X34)
Ben Geiger, Washington Island .348 (8X23)
Drew Tanck, West Jacksonport .345 (10X29)
Griffin Cole, West Jacksonport .333 (10X30)
Nick Kita, Egg Harbor .321 (9X28)
Dusty Johnson, Sister Bay .318 (7X22)
Jordan Jorgenson, Maplewood .318 (7X22)
Matt Foss, Washington Island .308 (8X26)
Nolan Wagner, Baileys Harbor .308 (8X26)
Kyle Volkman, Institute .304 (7X23)
Sam Forkert, Sister Bay .300 (9X30)
*Minimum .300 average/20 AB

Home Runs
2 each- Ray McDonald (Washington Island) Sam Forkert (Sister Bay) Stewart Larsen (Sister Bay)
*16 total for the league

Nick Brauer, Maplewood 49IP/37K
Mitchell Neubauer, Kolberg 46 IP/35K
Drew Tanck, West Jacksonport 43.1IP/31K
Josh Paul, Institute 40.1IP/22K
Chase Lindem, Sister Bay 37IP/35K
Alex Byrne, Egg Harbor 36.1 20K
Sam Forkert, Sister Bay 33IP/32K
Troy Jorgenson, Washington Island 31IP/18K
*Minimum 30IP

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