Cal Ripken Results From Opening Day

Red Room 18
Bay Ship 8

Red Room Pitchers-  Michael Rose, Zak Christianson, Riley Luckett
BayShip Pitchers-  Charlie Carmody, Kale Jauquet, Ryan Claflin

Leading Hitters-  Riley Luckett (4X4), Michael Rose, Rex Meikle and Jordan Waters (3 hits) and Johnny Jorns and Ryan Claflin (2 hits).

*Rose- 2 Home Runs, Luckett and Waters Home Run, Meikle and Claflin- double

Co-op 14
Lions 5

WP- Joe Burlo

Leading Hitters-  Mason Bauldry- 2 Home Runs, Ethan Kroll- Home Run, Hunter Ebel, Nathan Bruemmer, Nathan Stenzel and Austin Vandertie- 2 hits.

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