Burmeister is Defensive POY

Stetson Burmeister of Wrightstown has been selected as the defensive player of the year while Wrightstown’s Matt Binsfield (coach) and Mike Olson (assistant) were selected as coaches of the year.

Interior Lineman
1st team- Mitchell Overbeck, Southern Door; Josh Kuehl, Kewaunee; Jacob Heezen, Wrightstown; Jordan Jagodinsky, Roncalli
2nd team- Brandon Roberts, Chilton; Gage Sellers, Wrightstown
HM- Hunter Pawelski, Southern Door; Dylan Barribeau- Kewaunee; T.J. Kleckner, Roncalli

Defensive Ends
1st team- Greg Mueller, Roncalli; Nathan Beining, Wrightstown
2nd team- Sam Kohnle, Kewaunee; Andrew Deets, Roncalli
HM- Kordell Draves, Southern Door; Ben Behnke, Valders; Bennett Reese, Brillion; Nik Sandona, Wrightstown

1st team- Devin George, Southern Door; Boyd Delebreau, Chilton; Stetson Burmeister, Wrightstown; Steve Vogel, Roncalli
2nd team- Tory Jandrin, Southern Door; Sam Severin, Kewaunee; Tyler Lemke, Brillion; Kade Fochs, Valders; Mason Hrudka, Roncalli
HM- Sam Carter, Sturgeon Bay; Logan Brusky, Kewaunee; Grant Maurer, Chilton; Parker Ullness, Valders; Bryce Herlache, Wrightstown; Keegan DeGroot, Wrightstown

Defensive Backs
1st team- Mitchel Neubauer- Southern Door; Paxton Korslin, Valders; Josh Verbeten, Wrightstown
2nd team- Peter Metzler, Kewaunee; Jake Wagner, Roncalli; Brandon Kahler, Wrightstown
HM- Sonny Soquet, Southern Door, Micah King, Southern Door; Nate Kola, Wrightstown; Caleb Saunders, Valders

1st team- LaMarco Crawford, Kewaunee
2nd team- Nathan Beining, Wrightstown
HM- Trenton Sundsmo, Valders; Lucas Forstner, Chilton

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