Babe Ruth Baseball to Change Tournament Format

Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken baseball organizers held their State Meeting on Saturday September 17th.  The major change for 2012 is that there will be no district tournaments in Babe Ruth.  Like in Cal Ripken, all Babe Ruth teams will automatically be seeded into the State Tournament.  2012 Tournament sites are:

9 Year old Cal Ripken- Neenah (July 12)
10 Year old Cal Ripken- Janesville (July 14)
11 Year old Cal Ripken- Dodgeville (July 14)
12 Year old Cal Ripken- Marinette (July 14)
13 Year old Babe Ruth- Green Bay (July 14)
14 Year old Babe Ruth- Eau Claire (July 14)
15 Year old Babe Ruth- Sauk Prairie (July 14)

Anyone with questions should call George Husby at 743-6322.

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