WPS Squawk the Vote Campaign

Back in the 1970s , the D.N.R. added peregrine falcons to Wisconsin’s Endangered Species list. Since 1993, Wisconsin Public Service has been part of a statewide effort to restore that peregrine falcon population. They have been installing falcon nesting boxes atop their tall structures near Lake Michigan and major rivers, which the falcons are naturally drawn to. Since starting this project, 402 peregrine falcons have successfully hatched at W.P.S. facilities. This spring they have welcomed another batch of freshly hatched falcon chicks and they are asking for your help in naming them through their “Squawk the Vote” campaign. Suggested names reflect some favorite things from Wisconsin and include “Cheesy” , “Cream Puff” , “Bubbler” , “Kringle” , “Brandy” , and “Tailgate”, among others. You can “Squawk the Vote” and vote as many times as you want by using this link:


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