WI Utility Disconnection Moratorium Extended

Thursday the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin voted 2 to 1 to continue to stay a portion of its June 26th order, extending the moratorium on utility disconnections for nonpayment by residential customers until October 1st. This move comes as COVID-19 positive cases in Wisconsin continue to be reported in high numbers across the state. After the number of positive cases more than doubled in July since the June lifting of the moratorium, it was granted an extension until September 1st. Thursday’s decision further extends that moratorium to October 1st. The PSC will meet again September 17th to reassess the pandemic situation and determine if further extension is warranted. In addition to this extension, the Public Service Commission is still strongly urging customers to seek payment plan with their utility or apply for energy assistance to avoid a large debt and possible disconnection when the moratorium ends. If customers cannot reach an agreement with their utility, they are then urged to contact the commission by calling 1-800-225-7729.

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