Washington Island Ferry Line Project

A federal Environmental Protection Agency grant is helping the Washington Island Ferry Line re-power the ferry Robert Noble as part of a project totaling more than $600,000. The intent of the EPA grant is to improve air quality & the new tier two cat diesel engines are expected to drop fuel consumption by as much as 15%. The Noble, built by Peterson Builders in 1979 will receive it’s new engines at Bay Shipbuilding later this fall. The vessel will head to the shipyard in Sturgeon Bay following the Columbus Day weekend & will be dry docked for a five year Coast Guard hull inspection. At the same time, new propellers will be installed & underwater cooling loops will be modified. After exterior hull work is completed, the Noble will be moored at Bay Ship for removal of the old engines & gears & the installation of the new engines. As with any multi-faceted project, additional work will also be done. Much of the equipment that will be used as part of the project to re-power the Robert Noble has been proven other ferry line vessels such as the Washington.

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