Utilities Tree Trimming

Sturgeon Bay Utilities & its contractor, Dave’s Tree Service, have announced that tree trimming activities will continue in the utilities’ service territory in the Town of Nasewaupee this winter. Along with normal trimming, the focus is on the removal of overhanging limbs, & dying or leaning trees that could cause extended power outages during wind or ice storms. Many evergreen trees that are located under overhead utility lines will be topped an average of two to three feet below the lowest communication cable or removed depending on the location. All other species will be targeted for removal, reducing the need for future trimming & clearing. Trees & branches that are located within the utility easement areas will be trimmed back a minimum of eight to ten feet from any high voltage conductor in accordance with trimming requirements. These requirements are intended to ensure public & employee safety along with assisting the utility with electrical outage prevention. Any questions should be directed to the Sturgeon Bay utilities office at 746-2820.

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