Two Speed Boards Installed in Sturgeon Bay

You’ve probably seen a portable speed board at several locations in & around the City of Sturgeon Bay. The unit provides an indication of a vehicle’s speed in relation to the speed limit along that section of roadway. The city recently installed & put into operation two pole mounted radar speed boards. The first unit is located in the 1500 block of Michigan Street for westbound traffic that approaches the intersection of Michigan & South 15th Avenue. The intersection is heavily used by students walking to & from Sunrise Elementary & TJ Walker Middle School & is the only location manned by a crossing guard. The second speed board was installed at the intersection of Maple Street & North Geneva Avenue for westbound traffic. This area of Maple Street is used by students walking & riding bicycles to & from Saint John Bosco Catholic School. Each speed board has an amber flashing light & a school zone sign stating that the speed limit is “15” when flashing. A timer system will be used to program the light to flash approximately one hour during the time school begins & another hour when school is dismissing. The static speed boards were purchased through the Safe Routes to School Grant Program to alert motorists to pedestrian & bicycle traffic in school zones.

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