Thursday Morning Crime Spree in Sturgeon Bay

Earlier Thursday morning, we reported a search by the Sturgeon Bay Police Department for two fleeing suspects who had stolen and crashed multiple vehicles in the Sturgeon Bay area. Captain Brinkman then informed us that the two suspects were soon in custody without further incident, and luckily nobody got hurt. As Brinkman says, this crime spree began around 3:20 Thursday morning when two 17 year-olds, believed to be boyfriend & girlfriend, stole their first vehicle. The female was listed as a runaway Wednesday. She apparently cut off her monitoring bracelet and joined with her boyfriend after which the crime spree began. After stealing the first vehicle, they eventually stole a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th vehicle through the morning. They had crashed one vehicle into a stone wall entrance-way at hometown pharmacy on 7th Avenue. Another stolen vehicle received damage indicating a crash which is still being investigated. At one point, a Sturgeon Bay officer said the male suspect tried to “run him down” with a stolen vehicle while he was on foot. After the final crash, both suspects were attempting to evade officers on foot, but are now in custody. Captain Brinkman says that, as of now, the department is referring charges of burglary, that’s 4 counts of vehicle theft, and several more serious charges as the story unfolds. He also has some advice for residents and visitors in our area……

Again, those two suspects are in custody, and we will have more on this story as the information becomes available.

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