Teen Injured In Tractor Accident

A 13-year old boy was injured in an accident near Brussels Wednesday afternoon. Sixteen-year old Tyler Malcore told the investigating officer that his brother, 13 year old Kyle Malcore, was run over by a tractor at his grandfather’s farm. Tyler was driving his injured brother to a medical facility in Green Bay when the injured boy began having trouble breathing. The older brother then stopped the car and dialed 911. A Door County deputy responded and began assistance while they waited for emergency responders. The EMS with the assistance of the deputy then secured Kyle on a backboard and into the ambulance which then took him to St. Vincent Hospital in Green Bay.
The deputy then went back to the farm and met with the grandfather, Thomas Malcore. After discussion and checking the site it was decided this was apparently an accident and that nothing suspicious had occurred. We have no further information on the condition of 13-year old Tyler Malcore.

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