TAP Carpet Challenge

The Third Avenue Playhouse has another challenge in the works for friends & supporters & it all centers on a worn out, stained carpet. Apparently, the carpet has seen it better days & now, after more than a decade of use, no amount of vacuuming or cleaning can spruce it up.Floor Mart of Sturgeon Bay has offered to install a new carpet in the entire building for $6,000 & a donor has stepped up, establishing a matching fund intended to cover the costs. The arithmetic is simple, raise $3,000 & the bill will be paid. However, as is the case with any matching opportunity, there is a deadline, September 30th. Those who would like to help TAP get a new carpet can stop by the downtown venue & drop off a donation, they can mail a donation to “Carpet Fund” at 239 North 3rd Avenue, Sturgeon Bay, or they can go to www.thirdavenueplayhouse.com & add some dollars to the matching fund.

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