Suspects Identified in Bruemmer Park Incidents

Five teenagers, four 17 years of age & one 16 years old, have been implicated in a couple of malicious mischief incidents at Bruemmer County Park near Kewaunee. According to Sheriff Matt Joski, a number of buildings were illegally entered at the park in August. A set of keys for the zoo pens & storage buildings were taken, along with some other property. On a subsequent evening, the individuals who took the keys returned & released some of the animals from their cages. Sheriff Joski says through the use of surveillance cameras & local media assistance, including facebook postings, the four suspects were identified & questioned. The sheriff’s department is sending case files to the district attorney requesting charges & restitution from the parties involved. The four 17-year olds, a man & three women from Algoma & Forestville, could be charged with being party to the crime of burglary & the unauthorized release of animals. The 16-year old girl from Forestville faces an ordinance violation related to the park curfew.

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