Sturgeon Bay Waste User Fees to Increase

The solid waste user fee Sturgeon Bay residents pay as part of their utility bill will increase by close to $3 per month as a result of action taken by the city council Tuesday evening. The current user fee which covers the cost of garbage collection & recycling is $5.78 per month, but it will rise to $8.73 monthly. The reason for the increase in 2014 is being pegged to the debt service related to the purchase of two recycling trucks $95,715 & 2013 funding budgeted to cover a shortfall of a little less than $61,000 in the solid waste fund. Former Alderman John Lodl said he was opposed to the increase, noting that the changeover in garbage & recycling collection had been sold as a means of saving money…[audio:|titles=John Lodl]
City Administrator Steve McNeil said the council changed the way the program was funded this year…[audio:|titles=City Administrator Steve McNeil]
McNeil also said residents could choose to opt out of the program & handle their refuse & recycling on their own. Municipal Services Superintendent Bob Bordeau said savings from zero workman’s comp claims & the elimination of a position were being seen in other parts of the budget. It was also pointed out that solid waste fees in other parts of the county are much more expensive.

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