Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center Considering Name Change

Does the name “Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center” fit the work being done by the local tourism organization or should a different name be used? The board of directors wants to know. The board is contemplating the merit of changing or adding to the current moniker & is willing to put up 300 Sturgeon¬† Bay gift certificates as an incentive for submissions. Visitor Center Executive Director Todd Trimberger says the board didn’t come to its conclusion overnight…[audio:|titles=Todd Trimberger]
Trimberger says the organization wears many hats throughout the course of the year…[audio:|titles=Todd Trimberger]
Trimberger says about 20% of the visitor center budget comes from membership &, during a time of tightening budgets, the expansion of membership becomes all the more important. He says broadening the scope of the organization’s name could bring more Sturgeon Bay businesses into the fold. By the way, the deadline for submissions is Friday, November 2nd at 5PM.

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