Sturgeon Bay to Consider Every Other Week Recycling

If the Sturgeon Bay City Council agrees, recyclables will be collected in the city on an every other week basis in the future. The council’s community protection & services committee is recommending that the every other week arrangement begin in September. According to a recycling survey compiled in February & March, the new collection schedule could save the city about $13,000 in fuel & maintenance costs, would provide more flexibility in the use of personnel & would be good for the environment due to fewer emissions, less use of fossil fuels & less pollutants coming from the vehicles. The survey also noted that out of 920 residents putting out recycling in three out of four recent weeks, only 19 had cans filled greater than 50% & 13 of them were businesses. If the city council accepts the recommendation as presented during its meeting Tuesday evening, a followup report would be required in a year.

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