Sturgeon Bay School Board Seeks Referendum Vote on Revenue Cap Override

Residents of the Sturgeon Bay school district will determine if the school board will be allowed to exceed the budget revenue cap for the next three years as a result of action taken by the board of education Wednesday evening. Board members agreed to place a question on the ballot April 2nd asking for permission to exceed the cap by one million dollars the first year, $1.3 million the second year & $1.6 million the third year. Prior to the vote, Superintendent Joe Stutting laid out the reasons why projections indicate that the district will be dealing with budget shortfalls for years to come. Stutting noted that declining enrollments are playing a role, but the revenue caps, instituted as a short-term way to lower property taxes are making it difficult for school districts across the state to function without semi-regular referendums…[audio:|titles=Joe Stutting]
Stutting says the school board has gone to great lengths to make deep cuts so that the district can live within its means. He says the formula is unfair because it punishes land rich districts dealing with declining enrollments, while paying a premium to districts where student populations are growing…[audio:|titles=Joe Stutting]
Stutting says there is a reason why four Door County schools will be having referendums in April

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