Sturgeon Bay Open Bass Tournament

The 22nd annual Sturgeon Bay open bass tournament opens up with media day Thursday. The tournament is headquartered at the Sawyer Park boat launch. The competitive fishing runs Friday & Saturday with a makeup day Sunday if needed. The dock dance & kids games are scheduled for Saturday at Sawyer Park. The Open Bass Tournament provides a boost for the local economy as well.
According to information provided by the tournament:
-85% of participants need lodging for two or more days
-90% of the anglers spend about $200 each on food & beverages during the week, which adds up to $72,000
-95% of the participants purchase fuel locally
-90% of the fishermen return other times of the year
Based on a survey of people who took part in the tournament in the past:
-Spending on lodging totaled nearly $112,000
-Meals, snacks & beverages added up to $101,700
-Fuel & supplies totaled $132,000
-Fishing equipment & souvenirs brought in an additional $94,000
The total economic impact of the tournament for just one week was pegged at more than $450,000.

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