Sturgeon Bay Garbage & Recycling Containers Going Out Soon

Residents in Sturgeon Bay are expected to start receiving new garbage & recycling containers during the week of August 20th. It is expected to take several weeks for all of the carts to be assembled & delivered by city crews. Consequently, the new refuse & recycling program probably won’t be implemented until sometime in September. Deliveries will start on the west side of the city. When deliveries are completed on the west side, the east side will be covered. Residents are asked not to use the new carts until all of the homes in the city have been covered & the new system is in place. That system will allow a single city employee to use an automated truck for garbage & recycling pick up. Residents will also be able to put all of their recycling, paper, cans, bottles & plastic items in one container. The Sturgeon Bay Municipal Services Department intends to include information with the individual carts indicating when the new system will begin operating. The containers will come in 96 gallon & 64 gallon sizes.

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