Sturgeon Bay Fourth Avenue Project

Sturgeon Bay city engineer Tony Depies says work on the reconstruction project on 4th Avenue in downtown Sturgeon Bay is scheduled to begin Tuesday. Depies says the completion date is July 15th, but an extended period of good weather & a coordinated effort could get the work done before the fourth of July. Over the next three & a half months or so, road crews will install sewer & water services & make improvements to the street areas on the busy thoroughfare. Depies said the upgrade is critical if 4th Avenue is to provide a detour route in 2013 while the Bayview Bridge has a makeover of its own. Work will start at the intersection of Kentucky & 4th Avenue with the installation of sanitary sewer, watermain & storm sewer toward Jefferson Street. The typical work day will begin at 7AM & end at 5PM for four days. The fifth day will be used to cover rain delays & other issues that may have slowed down the construction schedule. Access at crossroads, to the post office & at Younker’s for delivery trucks will be maintained whenever possible. However, access to 4th Avenue will be eliminated for ten to twelve days when paving begins. While work is expected to begin Tuesday, one lane may be closed earlier to allow for some construction staking.

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