Sturgeon Bay Considers Higher Fees for Farm Market & Marina Slips

If the Sturgeon Bay City Council agrees, fees for the farm markets & marinas will go up in 2o14. A review of the fee charged to seasonal vendors indicated that those signing up for the extended 21-week season were paying more on a daily basis than those on site for the regular 18-week season. An increase in the daily farm market fee was also considered. With that in mind, council-members will be asked to raise the fee for the extended farm market season to $175 & to $150 for the regular season. The daily fee will also go up from $17 to $20 per day for a full space & $10 to $15 for a half space or a grass space if the council concurs. The increases could generate an increase of a couple thousand dollars for the city. The park & recreation department is also recommending that the slip rental fees at the city marina be raised to $500 per month and $175 per week. The council Tuesday can accept the fee changes & additions as presented, leave the fees at the current rates, or change the fees to something else considered appropriate.

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