Sturgeon Bay Budget Sessions

Two more budget sessions have been scheduled for next week for a committee of the whole featuring the Sturgeon Bay City Council & Mayor Thad Birmingham. The group met for the second time Monday & continued discussions on aspects of the 12.2 million dollar budget for 2012. They will hold sessions on Monday, at 4PM, & on Tuesday at 5PM. Both meetings will take place in the community room at city hall. Because of action taken on the state level, the city already knows that it’s tax levy for 2012 can be no more than $5,758,730. After department heads provided individual budgets, suggestions were offered on where cuts in the neighborhood of $162,000 could be made. The budget sessions involving the committee of the whole are intended to help decision makers determine where those cuts should come from. The hope is that Tuesday’s budget session will put the city council in a position to begin wrapping up the budget process.

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