Single Motorcycle Crashed and Abandoned

Just before 10:30 on the evening of Sunday August 23rd, there was a motorcycle traveling southbound on South Stevenson Pier Road in the Town of Brussels. It has been determined that the driver was approaching the “T” intersection at County Road “D” when the bike failed to stop for the stop sign and entered the west shoulder of Stevenson Pier Road before the intersection. The motorcycle laid on its right side, skid across County Road “D”, and came to rest on its side in the ditch on the south side of County Road “D”. At this point the driver presumably abandoned the bike and fled the scene. The 2000 “Victory” motorcycle sustained some functional damage, but was not entirely disabled. As an abandoned vehicle it was then towed. Upon researching the license plate, the plate’s owner said the bike was recently sold to a new owner but the old plates were still attached. The bike was apparently not registered with the new owner. The accident is labeled as a “hit & run” and the driver remains unknown. The driver’s condition could not be observed, there was no alcohol test possible, and it is unknown if an injury occurred.

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