Sen. Baldwin Comments on “Made in America Act”

Tuesday, Senator Tammy Baldwin reintroduced the “Made in America Act” along with Senator Mike Braun of Indiana and Representative John Garamendi of California. This act identifies federal programs which fund infrastructure projects not currently subject to “Buy America” standards and ensures that materials used in these federal programs are produced domestically. Sen. Baldwin says President Biden’s current efforts to improve US infrastruture have much to do with their reintroduction of this bipartisan legislation. Here she discusses a problem with our existing infrastructure laws…..

Sen. Baldwin says many components used in rebuilding our infrastructure are produced right here in Wisconsin……

This “Made in America Act” will complement another act which Sen. Baldwin introduced, the “Made in America Shipbuilding Act”. She says that different sets of rules apply when different government agencies procure ships, whether it’s the Navy, Coast Guard, or a NOAA reserch ship, and the American Shipbuilding Act is meant to harmonize the “Buy America” policies between these different government agencies who purchase ships. These acts can also affect the shipbuilding industry in where they source the many components which are used in that industry……

Outside of the shipbuilding industry, these acts may also benefit other manufacturers of northeast Wisconsin including Neenah Foundry, the CA Lawton Company, DePere Foundry, and Green Bay Drop Forge. Sen. Baldwin has not been to Door County since the pandemic began, but she says she has very fond memories of her last time in the area…..

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