SBPD May Add More SUVs To Fleet

You may have noticed that the Sturgeon Bay Police Department has added another S.U.V. to its fleet of patrol cars. There may come a day when all of the squads are sports utility vehicles. Captain Dan Brinkman says a good deal of planning went into transitioning to the second S.U.V. in the fleet…

[audio:|titles=Capt. Dan Brinkman]
Captain Brinkman said he talked with other law enforcement agencies about the capabilities of the vehicles compared from the typical sedans that have been used for decades…
[audio:|titles=Capt. Dan Brinkman]
Brinkman says the Crown Victorias had their issues when there were several inches of snow on the ground. He says the Sturgeon Bay Police Department has 6 vehicles in use that are typically replaced every 2 years. Those squads usually rack up 125,000 to 145,000 miles in that time.

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