SBPD Conducts Alcohol Compliance Checks, 1/3 of Establishments Checked Fail

The Sturgeon Bay Police Department is giving a failing grade to a large number of local establishments for serving alcohol to an underage drinker. During a recent compliance city-wide check, 33 establishments were visited & 11 served alcohol to a minor who used a Wisconsin license with a vertical format displaying the date when the minor turned 21 years of age in red. In seven of the 11 cases, the person was served after being carded. All of the establishments were warned in by letter September that police would be conducting compliance checks in the weeks ahead. All 11 of the establishments will receive citations for serving alcohol to minors. According to the Sturgeon Bay Police Department web site, the compliance checks will continue until there are zero establishments in the city serving alcohol to those who have not yet reached the age of 21.

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