SB Council Sends Bike Lane Question Back to Committee

It’s going to take a little longer before the question of how best to configure bike lanes on Michigan Street in Sturgeon Bay is answered. The city council Tuesday evening, on a vote of five to two, sent the matter of the Michigan Street bike lanes to the parking & traffic committee for its study & recommendation. After the meeting, one alderman told WDOR News that the issue should have gone through the committee process & not come directly to the council from the bicycle & pedestrian advisory board.

The question of painting in new lines was brought up because some felt it was time to restripe the lanes & markings for better visibility. However, some residents expressed concern about the changes on Michigan Street brought about by the bike lanes. In addition, the Door County Highway Safety Commission asked that the city reevaluate the design of the street makings, especially in the downtown area. It was believed that, with a year’s experience, the design could be modified to address any unforeseen problems or issues, if necessary. With that in mind, the bicycle & pedestrian board spent hours coming up with a suggested design. However, the design was never considered because the matter was turned over to the parking & traffic committee. That prompted Alderman Bob Schlicht to question what the committee could do that hasn’t already been done. Schlicht said he would call a special meeting of the parking & traffic committee as soon as possible.

Earlier in the meeting, materials related to the city’s designation as a “bicycle friendly community” by the League of American Bicyclists were presented, including signs, a certificate & a letter. Mayor Thad Birmingham thanked Alderman Schlicht & the members of the bicycle & pedestrian board for their hard work in helping the city obtain the four-year designation.



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