SB Council Backs Resolution on Asian Carp Control

The Sturgeon Bay City Council has endorsed a resolution calling for a coordinated effort aimed at keeping the asian carp out of the Great Lakes & Saint Lawrence eco-system. The resolution asks that measures be taken with all due haste. Evidence that the fish, also known as the silver carp, has reproduced in the Great Lakes watershed is causing concern because of its reputation for gobbling up plankton, tiny plants & animals that are vital to aquatic food chains. According to a report in USA Today, if the fish get a foothold in the lakes, it could spread widely & destabilize a multi-billion dollar fishing industry. The fish also has a strange habit of jumping out of the water & striking anything in its path. Gary Nault, a well known proponent of sport fishing locally, addressed the council about the reasons behind the resolution. Nault noted that a small DNA sample of the carp was found during testing in the waters between Bullhead Point & the south boundaries of Potawatomi State Park. He said there were some logical reasons why the fish DNA turned up…[audio:|titles=Gary Nault]
Nault said testing is expected to continue next year. He said experts had some positive assessments of the possible impact of the carp on the local fishery…[audio:|titles=Gary Nault]
The results of the initial testing is expected in January.

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