SB Council Approves Oregon Street Bike Lane

In an effort to accommodate both vehicles & bicyclists, the Sturgeon Bay City Council approved a Parking & Traffic Committee recommendation to install a dedicated bike lane on both sides of Oregon Street from 1st Avenue to 3rd Avenue with the last 125 feet before 3rd Avenue listed as a “sharrow”. The council spent more than 35 minutes trying to come up with something that would work for everyone using the street. The bicyclists wanted the bike lane from 1st to 3rd on Oregon Street to be designated as such all the way to the intersection with 3rd Avenue. However, it was pointed out that, by doing so, drivers would not be able to use the widened area at the end of the street to make a right turn while other vehicles were turning left or going straight. That is why the Parking & Traffic Committee recommended a shared area for the last 125 feet of Oregon Street. Motions that would have sent the matter back to committee or placed a bike lane to the corner on both sides of the street were defeated before the original recommendation approved a majority vote. Alderman Danny Wiegand abstained from voting saying he felt the council should have been provided with a drawing that showed exactly how the street would be painted.

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