Reports Of Damage From Monday’s Hailstorm

An intense storm caused significant damage to gardens and orchards in a small swath of the Door Peninsula Monday night.  Cherry and apple orchards were destroyed during the storm.  The U-W Extension Peninsular Experimental Station north of Sturgeon Bay was particularly hard hit.  That’s according to superintendent Matt Stasiak…


Stasiak says as much as four inches of hail could be found on the experimental station grounds.  He says it appears that the intense storm was fairly localized…


Stasiak adds that an evaluation will be needed to determine where to go from here…


While the majority of cherry producing orchards in Door County were spared, the total damage at Lee Petrina’s Choice Orchards will put a significant dent in Door County’s cherry crop.  At present, the extent of the total damage in Door County is being evaluated.


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